Power Bi Course

Power Bi Course


Do you want to analyze data from single or multiple sources? Do you want to create your datasets based on these sources and transform your results into beautiful and easy-to-make visualizations? Do you also want to share your results with colleagues or collaborate on your projects? Finally, do you want to be able to access your data from multiple devices? Then the Power BI tools are for you! Business Intelligence or BI is a trend that almost every company is considering, or already utilizing, especially since most of these companies have tons of data already stored, or just being generated daily, and in many cases, they are not even taking any advantage of it. BI as a technology-driven process uses different solutions to gather your data, trans- forms it, and turns it into actionable information, which in simple words means accurate business decisions that will have a direct impact on the success of your organization. Microsoft offers solutions that will supply any particular need a BI implementation would require, from the collection of the data, the storage and transformation, and even the possibility of Intelligence to the data for more ambitious scenarios like predictive analytics.

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Duration: 60 Min
Language: English

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