BMB Smart is a vocational tech training centre that was established by BMB Group in 2017 to reinforce the MENA tech industry by providing experienced trainings to accommodate a wide range of clients.

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Extensive experience

With extensive experience and applied knowledge in the IT field since 1996, BMB serves as the parent company to BMB Smart.

BMB Smart offers certified trainings for professionals and youth alike, in tech related topics such as robotics, programming, tech-camp, stem world, machine learning, IoT, artificial intelligence, Revit, graphic design, hacking, and game design.


We have a profound conviction that knowledge should be available to anyone who:

-has the curiosity and passion to explore the infinite world of technology, and

-the will to make it happen,

regardless of his/her social background and level of education.

We believe in the importance of technology education for the youth starting at an early age. We help the new generations be part of the technology revolution as they prepare & shape their exciting careers.

BMB Smart plays a pivotal role in preparing fresh graduates, irrespective of their academic backgrounds, to brace themselves for the job market. In this context, the academy provides these graduates with tailor-made courses and necessary training that enables them to assume their future careers with ease and confidence.

Our courses are offered through a hands-on learning approach, which we believe, enables a stronger foundational understanding to be applied in any workplace setting.

BMB Smart provides flexibility in our training opportunities; please contact us about off-site training sessions.