Editing for Social Media

Editing for Social Media


Session 1: Introduction
- Video editing for social media:
○ Different types of content for different platforms
○ Analyzing different styles and famous accounts
○ How to plan and shoot your content (what kind of videos you should shoot)
 Different forms and ratios for different platforms
 Vlogs/advertising/physical products/offering services/educational/fitness/beauty…
○ Following trends and how to customize them to fit your own page/brand

- Basic Video Editing Workflow: (NOT hands-on, just theory for now)
○ Flow/story of video: ideation
○ Hook/attention grabbing
○ Adding text and graphics
○ Adding music, sound effects
○ Adding transitions
○ Adding filters, color correction

Session 2: Basic Video Editing Techniques
- Hand on project
- Overview of video editing tools:
○ Choosing a Software/app
○ Choosing between mobile and laptop
○ Navigate through one free video editing app (CapCut for ex)
○ Overview of the User Interface
○ Importing and arranging media (Flow of the video)
○ Basic Editing Tools: cut, trim, split, arranging clips…

Session3: Enhancing Visuals and Graphics
- Adding text:
○ Text (with styling)
○ Captions
○ Subtitles
- Animated elements
- Adding Voiceover
- Music:
○ Sound levels
○ Editing on beat…
- Overlays:
○ Layered videos, pictures…

Session 4: Advanced Tips and Tricks
- Types of cuts and transitions
- Green screen
- Keyframes
- …

Session5: Converting to laptop use
Last session can be done on a laptop (everything already mentioned) doing a hands on project

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