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Microsoft E- Accessibility​ for inclusion

 This comprehensive course is designed to empower accountants with the knowledge and skills to create accessible documents and presentations using Microsoft Office Suite. Participants will gain insights into accessibility principles, along with hands-on training in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF creation, and web browsing using Microsoft Edge. The course aims to enhance inclusivity and ensure that accounting professionals can produce content accessible to individuals with diverse needs.


1.  Introduction to Accessibility

2.  Microsoft Word for Accessibility Documents

3.  Microsoft PowerPoint for Accessibility Presentations

4.  Microsoft Excel for Accessibility Spreadsheets

5.  Accessibility PDFs with Microsoft Office

6.  Microsoft Edge for Accessibility for Accountants

Duration: 30 hours

Date & Time
Wednesday April 17, 2024
Start - 2:00 PM (Asia/Beirut)
Monday June 17, 2024
End - 2:00 PM (Asia/Beirut)

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