Cybersecurity Training in collaboration with Arcshields

Tailored training program designed specifically for IT professionals and business developers.

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 Week 1: Market Penetration and Cybersecurity Overview

·         Market Penetration with Cybersecurity Considerations

·         Current Cybersecurity Landscape in 2024-25

·         Interactive Session: Case Study Analysis on Cybersecurity and Market Expansion

 Week 2: Compliance, Policies, and Product Development

·         Developing Markets with Cybersecurity Compliance

·         Policies and Procedures in Cybersecurity Governance

·         Interactive Session: Role-Playing on Secure Product Development

 Week 3: Strategic Partnerships and Cybersecurity Gap Assessment

·         Strategic Partnerships with Cybersecurity Focus

·         Cybersecurity Gap Assessment, Audit, and Remediation

·         Workshop: Conducting a Mock Cybersecurity Audit

 Week 4: Integrating Cybersecurity in Diversification and Understanding the CIA Triad

·         Diversifying with Cybersecurity Insight

·         Explaining the CIA Triad in Cybersecurity

·         Group Activity: Risk Assessment Simulation

 Week 5: Building Cybersecurity Reputation and Breach Management

·         Cybersecurity Reputation Management

·         Managing and Learning from Breached Accounts

·         Case Study Review: Cyber Incident Impact on Company Reputation

 Week 6: Email and Social Engineering Threats

·         Email Attack Samples and Prevention

·         VISHING and SMISHING Awareness

·         Practical Exercise: Metaverse Simulation of Email 7 Flags

Week 7: Physical Security and Internet Safe Practices

·         Importance of Physical Security in Business

·         Internet Safe Practices and Social Engineering Attacks

·         Interactive Game: Cybersecurity Challenge Game

 Week 8: Personal Device Security and Hands-On Lab

·         Baseline Controls to Protect Your Business

·         Securing Personal Devices and Home Networks

·         Lab Session: Real-World Cyber Threat Simulation and Response Strategies

Date & Time
Friday March 15, 2024
Start - 6:30 PM (Asia/Beirut)
Thursday May 02, 2024
End - 6:30 PM (Asia/Beirut)


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