Cybersecurity Induction Day- ESA

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Worried about the next sophisticated cyber-attack?
 The world has recently witnessed an unprecedented outbreak of cybersecurity threats whereby the biggest companies and social media providers were exposed to massive data leaks and triple extortion. Continuous security awareness training is crucial to curb the rising gap between security professionals and attackers.
 Join our Cybersecurity Course to explore the latest threats and the top concerns in 2022. Tap into the best practices, security frameworks, real case studies, and hands-on labs to understand the mindset of a hacker.

Audience: Chief Information Security Officers (CISO), IT auditors, System administrators, Information Technology support officers, Operational or IT Risk officers etc

Date & Time
Saturday November 26, 2022
9:00 AM 2:00 PM (Asia/Beirut)

ESA Business School |Amphitheater: Room 003, Floor 0

--ESA Business School |Amphitheater: Room 003, Floor 0--
--ESA Business School |Amphitheater: Room 003, Floor 0--
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