5G Technology Workshop

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Multilane Employees and some of Nokia Employees in Multilane Business unit


1.  Introduction to 5G

2.  5G Architecture and Components

3.  5G Spectrum and Regulatory Landscape

4.  5G Network Planning and Optimization

5.  Security in 5G Networks

6.  5G Use Cases and Industry Applications

7.  Case Study – Huawei case

8.  Future Trends and Emerging Technologies


Teacher: Dr Ayman Khalil

PhD in Telecommunications. Masters in Networking and Communications, Dr. Ayman Khalil is a leading expert in digital transformation and emerging technologies, particularly in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). With extensive experience and expertise, Dr. Khalil has made significant contributions to advancing AI applications and strategies within various industries.

Date & Time
Monday April 08, 2024
Start - 6:00 PM (Asia/Beirut)
Monday April 22, 2024
End - 6:00 PM (Asia/Beirut)

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