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Python Essentials
Python Essentials

A complete Python course from beginner to intermediate explained by Mr Elios Karam, our Arabic and English Speaking expert.

Mr. Elios Karam currently pursuing his engineering degree in France. He is dedicated to offer an engaging learning environment, helping students unlock their coding potential.







6-Prob on selection

7-While Loop

8-For Loop


Introduction to Web developement

This Video is an introduction to the Web development course that you can take live or in person with our highly experienced Arabic and English speaking expert Mr. Mario Hani.

 Mr. Mario Hani is a software engineer, with a strong knowledge and experience in software and mobile development. Highly experienced in the clean architecture and design patterns, with a big experience in managing high quality projects and achieving the deadline on time. Web Development (Html, CSS, JavaScript, ASP. Net, C#, MySQL database, rest Apis).