Cyber Security for Corporates

Cyber Security for Corporates
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The purpose of this training is to shed the light on the latest threats in 2022 and the top concerns in 2023. Subsequently, the sessions combine best practices, security frameworks, real case studies and hand on labs in which attendees will understand the mindset of a hacker and get ready for the battle.

Introduction to Information Systems and Risk management
Major Cyber security incidents in 2023
The threat Landscape - State of Cybersecurity in the Arab countries
Threat Models: MITRE ATT&CK and D3FEND
Cyber security top controls-SANS V8
The attack life cycle
Real cases discussion:
OS platform attacks
Web based attacks
Email attacks
Social engineering attacks
Wireless attacks
Web shell Attacks
APIs and Facebook leaks
Access Controls
Vulnerability Scanning techniques, tools and demo
Hands on LAB: Attack simulation on DVWA
Secure design for your Infrastructure
Cryptography and Digital Signatures
Security Hardening Checklists, tools, & demos
Logs enrichment with SYSMON
Static analysis of PDF and Office files
Pattern Analysis and YARA rules use cases
Sandboxing tools & techniques and evasion
Data disposal and data recovery techniques and Demos
Implementation, configuration, and optimal use of a Malware Information Sharing Platform (MISP)
Hands-on LAB: SNORT and Firewall rules
Immersive Training using Metaverse and Oculus
Wrap-up and recommendations

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    • Elie RAFFOUL and Jean-Michel KAWKABANI

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